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By | January 2, 2021
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Adara Virtual 5G
Not only higher bandwidth, Adara Virtual 5G has better bandwidth and better quality.

Much of the hype for virtual 5G has to do with speed.
But it has more advantages.
Virtual 5G is all about more bandwidth.
Virtual 5G is all about reducing delays.
Virtual 5G means better video.
Virtual 5G enables faster browsing.
Virtual 5G means faster downloads.
Virtual 5G provides greater reliability.

Global coverage
The 5G network is not built and it won’t last long.
ADARA Virtual 5G is available globally, in all countries, on all continents and at the front door.

100% available
5G networks have a limited reach. Distances of a few meters and ordinary things, doors, trees, glass, signs cause a fall.
ADARA Virtual 5G is always available without restrictions.

Less expensive
5G phones cost up to $ 2000, with a monthly cost of 1,000 phones.
The Adira Virtual 5G app can eliminate the cost of new phones and monthly fees.

improved performance
5G promises better performance.
ADARA Virtual 5G also provides better performance.

Great band
5G promises 50 Mbps
ADARA Virtual 5G can support 200 to 1000 MBS for better video conferencing and video conferencing.
VPN apps protect communication but reduce speed by 95%
ADARA virtual 5G protects communications without slowing down.

VPN apps remove geolocation restrictions, but are now generally blocked.
ADARA removes 5G virtual geolocation restrictions.

The VPN app for remote work and distance learning has available bandwidth and low productivity.
ADARA Virtual 5G supports higher bandwidth and higher productivity for remote work and education.

ADARA Virtual 5G is free of malware.

The benchmark for most applications is a “speed test” that uses ping and swipe to get real speed.
ADARA Virtual 5G supports iParf and ping tests provided by ADARA Mobile Tools application
As suggested in Google Measurement Cloud Network Performance: “In general, we highly recommend using NetProof for late testing. This is not due to any reported deficiencies in the default settings. In general, NetProf allows maximum flexibility with its options and we prefer to use TCP over ICMP. TCP is a common use case and therefore more representative of real world applications.

Browse through your favorite browser, browse privately
ADARA is fully committed to your digital privacy. We have a strict login policy, so we do not keep a log of your activity.

Enjoy high-quality videos
ADARA enables your favorite streaming content. Internet TV, movies, video conferencing and chat buffering, remove pixels.


Secure in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, while on the go
ADARA connects directly to make your browsing safer.

Easy to use
ADARA is available with a tap. Extends mobile broadband (WiFi) for phones on 4G / LTE, 3G and 2G networks and mobile data carriers of all generations.

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