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Great ToTalk Dialpad

  1. Voice over IP: According to the current network environment, ToTalk 2G can even adjust the correct bit volume even in real time, but ToTalk can still provide a fixed connection.
  2. Free Call: The ToTalk Call is Free
    If your friends or family members do not have ToTalk or can not access the ToTalk network, they may still be able to contact their phone or phone number.
    You can only download up to 1.8KB / second, and enjoy it!
    Stop payments for your valuable mobile minutes and send text messages!

Do not waste your time and money using the international call card!

Totalk provides free and cheap lines to anyone via WiFi and 3G / 4G networks without any mobile minutes. You can save up to 90% of your mobile phone.


  • Get free US phone number
  • —————————————-
  • Change Totalk to your phone
  • Or –
  • Add a second line to your phone

Why do you temporarily use Totalk ◆?

Free phone calls and text messages

  • Unlimited calls and messages between TalkU users
  • Call any number of the world without paying and send text!
  • There is no roaming charges when calling abroad

International call

  • Call cell phone / cable in more than 200 countries
    Low low rates
  • See your phone number when you receive a phone call from your friends or family.

The clear call is clear

  • Voice calls are provided through high quality VoIP
  • HD audio for clarity
  • Free low quality calls!

Free phone number in USA

  • US FREE Phone Numbers Work!
  • It looks like your phone’s second free line
  • Phone on Android smartphone
  • Receive calls under the weaker cells

Selected features are great

  • Visual voicemail with instant listening
  • Avoid unwanted calls to stop frames
  • Contact screen
  • Divert calls to any phone number


  • Copy phone conversations for future transactions
  • Up to 8 free group calls
  • Turn your iPhone into a wireless device. Click to speak!

Totalk is the best free call and free scripting program!

(1). Free text messages, FREE texts and FREE international calls are for Totalk users.
(2). You can get a free minutes for international calls.
(3). Totalk uses online calls (calls, Wi-Fi, IP calls, or VoIP calls) that require an internet connection.
(4). Unlike international calling cards, never use your mobile phone.
(5). Toshiba should be used as a camera for phone calls to record calls. Make sure your phone calls are local and state-approved.

Some of our values ​​are:
Call to the USA 0.9 c / min *
0.9 c / min for Mexico
Call India at 1.8 cents / min
Call to Pakistan 4.9 km / min
1.8 cents / minute Bangladesh
Call to Philippines at 7.5 c / min
Jamaica rises to 9.2 c / min
Call Nepal to 7.5 c / min
Saudi Arabia 6.6 km / min
Appeal to Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana. Etc.

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