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By | May 16, 2019

Termoux combines powerful terminal absorption with a full package of Linux packages.
Termux is a free and open learning program that simulates the shell command used on Linux. By doing this, you can give your small messages and work properly with your Android device.

By applying for example, a large library of Linux packages has been greatly improved by the classic Android terminal emulator, converting groups of audio buttons and / or stopped by the device except for some keyboard shortcuts. Contains for their direct installation. Similarly, all types of external keyboard are compatible.

If you are working with NodeJS or Ruby or Eiger, or if you need to connect servers through SSH, if the management capability package was sitting in front of your desk as Termux can help – but enough to complete any work with your Android system , the ability to use Linux in powerful organs and fluency in purity.

• Taste Bush and ZSh Pills.
• Edit files with Nano and HTML.
• SSH access server.
• Development in C with resonance, rendering and GDB.
• Use the paddle keyboard as a pocket calculator.
• Check the doors and debris plans.
• Run text games with Windows.

Android is a highly modified Linux operating system, which means that many applications and principles continue to function. It’s also true for approval applications, but it’s not so common to think about Android. Phones and tablets are not ideal as a premier platform, but they are not impossible either.

This table has allowed Termux Party and ZSh users to edit projects using their SSH, using niger and power access, and servers to control projects through Git and Rebel and more than them. Offers to enjoy.

In addition, you can download packages that people want to install using APT, a good and useful feature.

Download now

Initially, a small platform is downloaded – then you can install the appropriate packages using the appropriate package manager. Make sure you have access anywhere by pressing anywhere and select the Help menu option to find out more.

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