StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph

By | April 9, 2019

Image Motion View
Creates a visual story with the rest of the eyes.
Move and move your photos.

Make animated duplicate effects combined with colors and overloading videos.
The Kisan movement is the only program for photography and sharing photography. Make your photos easier to use and easy to use. Dynamic sets are also suitable for beginners and professionals.
Become a part of the trusted photographers community and have an opportunity to encourage other artists.
Create beautiful visual effects such as Canada, two-dimensional Jeff, or animated photography.
These images can convert gif and animation animations.
You can create animated movies with more perspective and get bigger effects than animations.
Storyz offers:
Stitch your photos and make a living bride and great digital arts!
Using StoryZ application, the image is still animated animation using dynamic effects.

Blue remains can be made for animation or digital art.
Converts this image into action by adding it into a big video.
• Video, effects, great support.
Select the favorite column from the big backup.
• Video dye effects are designed to provide video effects to edit your favorite photos and videos.


Video still in the video to get great effects from animation.
Make video clips for your mixer on the picture.
You can create animated videos from external photos and download videos.
These images can convert gif and animation animations.
Add pictures still with the video to create awesome scenes.
Combining video, coated, insulating video has great visual effects such as Canada, Two Gif, Exposure, or Cinema.
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You can also share your photos using Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, instagram or any social network that can share the app.
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Magic tools have the following great features: combination features that combine two images together with a massive collection of backgrounds, backgrounds, and collaborating directors; Distinguished color aims at the object of the photo.
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How To Create Ripple Storyz:

Someone. Select the look and leave the desired size.
B. Motion point: Adds a point / arrow to animate a part of your look. Arrowhead achieves the direction of movement.
C. Animation series: The animated series is a series of equatorial movements to provide smooth movement to a portion of your image. This feature adds animation to the whole length of the sequence.
D. Stability Point: Adds a fixed point to block a part of your look without changing the dynamic range and effect of the series.
E Stability series: Stability series, stability stability rules.
f. Delete: Swipe your finger off the digital or static point to remove it.
g. Mask: Use masks in areas that do not want the appearance to move. You can add manually with brush / wipe.
Hours. Tap Play to see the picture Z.
How To Create Motion Storyz:
Someone. Choose a picture.
B. Select any video from your gallery.
C. Use a magic or brush to associate with a picture.
D. Touch to play.
– You can subscribe to the StoryZ Award for access to all StoryZ features.
– Subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis depending on the subscription plan.

Download app now
– Subscription automatically renews the value of the selected package, except for 24 hours at the end of the current period.
– After you buy, you can manage your subscriptions and auto-renew updates to access your account settings.
– Unused part of the term is not paid when purchased.

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