SmartLine Second Phone number

By | February 18, 2020

Smart Font Description:

Just get another phone number for your business calls and texts.

When someone calls your other phone number, it calls your phone and appears to be a business call, so you know how to answer. When making a call or text message through a smart line, your customers see that it comes from your new business phone number, so your personal number is private.

Try Smart Line for free for 7 days without the need for long term contracts or additional equipment. After a free trial, you can get a local number for 9.99 / month or a free number. Will pay 19.99 / hour.

Get your business phone number ready in less than 5 minutes.

Get less than 5 minutes and try Smartline for free in 7 days.

Additional features:

Professional quality. Calls use your mobile connection, not VoIP, you need professional voice that gives you the clarity and reliability of your call.

Spam Call Filtering. You can answer the call with confidence, as suspicious spam calls are immediately sent via voicemail.

Personalized Voicemail Register voicemail to send instant messages to callers.

Text from voicemail To automatically save your time, copy business voicemail to text.

Adjust working hours. Choose when available for business calls and caller hours after voicemail.

Stay organized View call history, text, photos, and voicemail conversations generated from a call.

When you lose a call, voicemail, or text, notify you and notify you immediately.

Transfer the number. Transfer any other phone number to use with the smartline.

Terms and conditions

Currently only available in the United States. Need a Smart Membership Install the app and request a 7-day free trial (maximum for one person) to determine your second phone number. After a free trial, if you cancel the free trial 24 hours before or at the end of the current billing period, the smart line will automatically update via Google Play. Easily manage and cancel your Smart Line 2 phone number at any time in Google Play Shopping Settings.

Download the app

If you have not created a smart line using Google Play, you can manage your subscription through GoDaddy.

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