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Shazim is one of the most popular applications in the world that uses millions of people each month that plays music and knows what others are looking for. All free

The recent news is that Shazim was acquired by Apple – all that is considered to be worst. Without the idea whether the app will continue working on Android for the app, but we all know that there is an option. And since Sony changed the trackID, our options are becoming increasingly limiting. We know it’s always complicated to change such an excellent tool. That’s why we’ve made heavy lifting for you and we’ve found the best alternative to Shiraz on Android.
And this is just the beginning: Easy access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services where you can hear or buy shazam.

The best artists such as Adele, Candy Lamar, Demi Larry, use new music to find new music and discover them interesting.

Do you think you can kill Shazim? To find, play with Shazaz while watching a show!
Download Sham APK v9.22.0-190304. There is a unique and emerging application in the world of Shamshad music. With Shamshad, millions of users around the world can quickly identify music playback and be aware of what to discover for others. It’s all free

Just starting a song or a video, you can now access the following items with a tap.

Song Lyrics
Related tracks
Streaming services
You can watch and hear these shazes directly or you can buy them. Some of the famous artists have also used Shiraz to find new music, and now you can discover yourself.

Candy Lammer
Demi Lovato
Do you think you can kill “Shazim”? Try to find out how you play during the show show. The following works with the following sub-functions:

Music disco

• Identify music with a tap
• Watch song lyrics or videos
• Add preview songs and Spotify playlists **
Shazim Offline: Identify Music Even if you are not connected! *
• See recommended tracks to find new music
• Stay in the real-time loop with the Shamshad map
• Just log in to sync all your devices on all devices
• Quick links to Apple Music

Shazim is an excellent app that helps us find the name of every song you listen.

All you have to do is wait for almost 5 seconds to keep your Android phone close to the sound source and follow the song. Immediately, without being silent, the program tells you the correct name of the song that has heard you.

The Program Database recognizes songs from the west west on Frank Santatra or Esps Girls. App for its large music database is nothing, or almost nothing.

Shazz music is very useful for lovers because you often find yourself in a situation where you hear a song that you do not know. So with an easy step, keep your phone near the sound to find the track name and listen to what you want.
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Shiraz Visual Identity: Click on the Camera icon on royal posters, magazines, books and much more! Use the logo you look at
• Visual ID also works as an QR code reader
• Start Shazim on Android Wear Smart Wave to view the artist and song

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