Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

By | April 21, 2019
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Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test
ower is a light, sharp, intelligent application that helps you save battery and improve battery life. With powerful battery charging, fast charging device and additional battery module, you can take advantage of limited battery and battery power.

您 Choose 600+ million users like just plugins in power plugs, but work with experiences and skill, intelligent battery saver can generate electricity up to 80% of battery life for more than 5 years.
Are you more than 600+ million DB batteries, batteries and batteries?
πŸ–²οΈA protect batteries
Increase your battery life up to 80% in improved savings mode, improve battery life and battery usage.
πŸ—‘ Sometimes wash
– Set your phone’s trash and clear 1,200 megabytes free space every minute.
❄ ️ cool the phone
– Phone status silently, determine the software applications and make your phone effective.
Powerful features
🌟 aluminum batteries and battery batteries and battery batteries
One-Touch Battery Saver – To help you improve battery life, clean energy applications to help quickly find battery power issues and a touch-batter saver and find a fixture. Specify how many batteries are safe when using a top batter saver.

Save 60 60% power and increase battery life
Battery-saving devices – With years of experience and expertise, energy users completely closed their applications and increased their lives up to 80 percent.
🌟 battery monitoring and battery saving
Battery surveillance – Power is not capable of monitoring all the monitoring and monitoring of the battery and enhancing battery life and improving the health of the battery and reminding consumers of energy consumption.
Control the power consumption of all the running programs and tell app managers, battery monitoring, battery details and downloads;
Battery rocket widget
Our “Task Killer” widget will automatically increase your energy consumption. 4×1 widget makes it easy to manage Wi-Fi data, sharp data and more. Etc. Set the energy saving profile.
Cool the phone
🌟 Zinc is clean
Sturdy battery charging – Update your mobile phone’s status in a timely manner to protect your battery’s health.
Great standby mode
Battery Mode – Power Protection Mode, Long-Term Mode, Energy-Saving Mode, Powerful Battery Installation.
Software protection
Lock the program – Protect your privacy and security. Use the security password or model lock screen to keep your Android device safe and private.
🌟 WiFi security checks
Enjoy colorful skin
Aluminum battery – You can quickly add your favorite batteries, including fast scenes and other colorful themes.
U, U, battery, battery life, and battery life are long and healthy and energy saving, the easiest and easiest way to work from your Android phone and protect the weight of the poor while you need it. Do not see Device Settings that will reduce battery life with the Battery Shuffle app. .
Dual Energy Saving Battery is a 100% effective battery saver. If you have comments or comments, please contact us and we will contact you to clear the battery.
VIP membership
Get 3-day FREE VIP membership!
– Close all ads and get experience.
Battery protection
Your battery will quickly scan your phone, check the battery usage, and battery charging settings and settings of your device.
Software to stop battery drainage with 1B.
Offer power tips for device configurations.
– High-performance battery backup that prevents the application from sliding in the background.
Easy and easy to change battery saving mode for energy saving needs.
– Estimate remaining battery estimates
Battery rates are displayed in the status bar and the status bar.
– Low battery charging 1: Battery reduces the battery’s 40% signal;
– Low battery charger 2: Battery saver mode may change when the battery is at 20%.
Tablet battery support:
Android battery and tablet.
Displays the battery charging when charging the battery.
Display the battery on the display and estimated when charging.
Scanning the battery has detected a change in charging and the following modes
Speed ​​mode:
80% less battery charge while high charge.
Fixed mode: When charging is 80% and 100% battery charging, start charging.
Car mode: Battery for 100% battery when charging.

Direct battery information: battery life, battery life, battery life (MHz), and more.
– Battery usage: details of energy consumption on your Android device;
Battery information – View the battery status and battery history
Based on original papers and test algorithms, battery life is accurate, battery power, battery performance, battery charging, Battery Summary, Energy Information and Energy Saving information to improve battery life and battery life.
Download app
Along with the application of the battery – Clean the memory-enhancing gene system
– Memory Booster: Speed ​​up your Android device;
Drain Cleaner: Scan and Delete Bacon Scanners;
Fighting Negative Ads Against Batteries If you see a commercial error in our program, please email us.

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