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By | March 27, 2019

Edit Photos, Resize Photos, Add Fx Photos and More Using PhotoDirector! Our Image Editorial Program combines new photo-writing programs and creators with many camera filters and effects to increase photo when you shoot.

Apply a special photo effect with a picture editor – Set a white balance or saturation, apply a realistic photo effect and make adjustments directly to the camera.

The best software to edit photos to resize images, edit backgrounds, illuminate images, and more! Use a photo filter with a single touch to apply lens effects or create a filter image. Photocopiers and Photocopiers provide you with a variety of tools to turn your images into big shots to share.

Get the image track with all the best features you need to improve and adjust the image in one place with PhotoDirector – Download now!

Pic editor
• Editing images: Edit HSL slides and RGB colors in your Photos to make your colors easier to color or correct white balance problems.
• Image Resize Image: Regular tone with darker light, lightweight screen and contrast.
• Color correction: Fast Balance correction to improve color accuracy and saturation tweaking for the most animated images.
• Photo fx: Apply a photo effect either in the world, or in specific areas of your image
• Program for editing images: Import photos from folders or folders and edit by camera in-application
• Manufacturer’s Parameter: Adjust and then add your favorite photos to create great tapes!

Photo with live photo effect
• Apply a photo effect when you take your photo
• Photo effects with a wide range of camera-in-camera support features in the application

Getting an object
• Take unexpected images or unwanted objects from the image with a Quick Editing Content Editor
• Light up the image and eliminate the fog, fog and fog of your spit for a clearer and clearer image with the Removal tool.

Photo Effects, HDR & Layout Editing
• Modify fonts and add or edit HDR effects to create excellent travel images and landscape
• Determine photo effects, including Lomo, Visual Arts, HDR and Vignette, giving you professional photographers.
• Photo Effects with Mixers Add Extra Images or Layer Effects To Your Photos – The Most About Storytelling Layout On Your Phone!
• Add more images, moods and styles by clicking-jigsaw – Image leak, add images, add grunge effects, blow, and more
• Camera models such as Light Blur and Aurral allow you to create bokeh’s fantasy photo effects for moving sites.

Share photos
• Edit image with a camera or editor, and customize your image as your mobile laptop images without leaving the program
• Share photos to Instagram with InstaFill including new cell phones
• Photography can be social! Share with friends, family and members on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more

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PhotoDirector full functions:

  • Unlimited Removal of Objects, Movements and Clones
  • Unlimited Toll
  • Save image in resolution Ultra HD 4K (device dependent)
  • Remove the PhotoDirector’s emblem of the paper and the frame
  • There is no reclamation in the program

[Minimum System Requirements]

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and higher
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 768MB RAM
  • 480×640 resolution
  • ARM-CPU, Tegra 3 and superiors
  • It only supports JPEG / PNG images

Get a photo editing program that allows you to make beautiful edits and effects of your camera via PhotoDirector. Download now!

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