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By | April 26, 2019

Phonto is a simple program that allows you to add images to text.
★ More than 200 available fonts.
★ You can set a different font.
★ Change the text size.
★ Change the text color.
★ Articles have been changed.
★ Articles are dirty.
★ Styles texture changes color and width.
★ Change texture background color.
★ Space space is changing
★ interspaco exchange

Support Photo Editor provides everything you want to edit images. Many elegant effects, filters, grids, and design tools help create inspiration, even if you have never been photographed before. Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. with the photo editor. Unlock your Creativity and Make Photos Professional!
Fil60 + Filter for the image
– Lomo, RUO, Vignette, nature, warm, dew, dark, cocoa …
– Brightness, saturation, temperature, heat, etc.
Qlitch effect effect and ambiguous background
– GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Conveyor, Pixel, Fish and more.
– Blur the background of the photo to the effect of DSLR ambiguity.
“Plastic and light machine”.
– Mix and mix two shapes to create amazing artifacts.
– Bokeh, lens, splash and light influences with them.
Kor Korpusako
– Slim body and face to get a perfect look.
– Big feet to increase your proportions;
– Drink lots of muscular and tattoos.
Coll Cop
– Download 18 photos in the photo package immediately.
– Filters for selection of 100+ larger grid main frame;
– Photos for Halloween, aesthetics, cartoon, emoticons, elephants and more for babies.

FEKEY Function
A powerful and easy-to-use camera tool
Hundreds of filters for photos and photo effects;
Effects and light effects;
Body components for lightweight and front body
Founder of 100+ college campuses
DSLR-blurred-blurred snow editors;
+ Popular music tags;
Draw with different fonts and add text.
+ Vertical and horizontal rotation products
Brightness, contrast color and heat. Etc. Select;
+ Salvation and Shadows;
+ Underscore background for 1: 1 square and Instagram.
Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Share high quality images
100+ photo effect
Choose your photos with beautiful photos. sparkle, art, old, aesthetics, grape filter, shades, shadows, bugs, jet photos … There are many fascinating features awaiting this discovery.
Simple photographers
The aesthetic image editor allows you to add a mysterious effect to your images. Start your psychotherapy with the problem. If you are a fan of aesthetic, you can not skip a beautiful photographer.
Photo Snapshot Editor
Photo editing software compatible with high-gloss brushes brushes. I use DSLR to compact your photos to get great effect. You can also lower the image and blur images.
Photo Editor
Glitch Photo Editor includes an excellent digital and old style. Effective step-by-step results in a dramatic conflict that makes your photos appeal to Instagram.
The new version 2018 image editor
A photo editor that works with great filters for images. Extreme Impact, Double Impact, Snapshots of Photos and everything else. You will receive live images with it. Photoi is the best image editor free.
Photo Editor
Photographers are the creators of Instagram’s 2018 image. It has a number of features including wallpapers, grids, backgrounds and other cameras.
Photo components manufacturer
Just select multiple photos, the photo editor instantly cools them into a cool photo message. You can choose good layouts, filters, backgrounds, text labels, and more.

Note: Do not install this app if you wait for iOS Phono. Phonto for Android does not have the same functionality for phon for iOS.
Download app
Large images may cause the program to crash. You need to enable image size ‘Meza’ or ‘Small’.

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