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By | May 18, 2020

Oversees and edit HTML Live
An application that can change the style and layout in real time.

feature list:
Element Monitoring Element – Touch any web element to see the source code
Website edit the source code of the website
Put a JavaScript type on a given web page
View HTML Source Code
Change CSS style of various web elements

Permission required
Internet Access Permitted: To open an external link to the Internet embedded in some CHM files.

Opinions and issues
Please help improve this article or section.

Please make sure I will send an email, if there is any problem I will try to fix it. Just commenting on the play or sending a message about the accident didn’t help as I have no way of speaking back so I don’t know the details of the problem shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Cannot see the menu button to enable all functions.

On Android.0.0.0 and above, the menu button is a list of vertical dots on the lower right of the screen.

2 When you click on a link on the content page, the answer is left on some devices.

Monitoring and editing website website source code
This application lets you do the same thing that other code source editors do on the desktop.

HTML Live testing and editing can be used to learn web development techniques like CSS.

please pay attention
Modified code for any website will only be stored locally on your device, so the page will disappear after being refreshed.
Lightweight high-speed CHM e-book reader for tablets and phones with the following features:

1. Improved performance using highly optimized CHM analysis engine. In particular, it can open a larger read CHM file (> 100M) than other readers.
2. Improved compatibility with incorrectly formatted CHM documents. It can open some files that other readers could not open.
Content tree view support view
4. Search function
5. Full Screen Support
Page. Space between different reading sessions, zoom level text such as reading words.
help. Support CHM, HTML, MHT, text, image files.
. Use up / down volume to change pages
9. Associated with CHM / HTML files in File Manager. (Only work with specialized file managers, such as OI file managers)
10. Bookmark support.
11. If the CHM file cannot display the chartset correctly, support the language encoding configuration.
12. Support low light mode.
13. Support embedded PDF files.
14. Support supported MHT files (limited support, fixes in progress).
15. Support high speed scrolling. Just drag the scroll bar to scroll faster.
16. Tap the top and bottom of the page to navigate.

Information about KitKat
Google has replaced Chrome with Web viewing for many bugs and compatibility issues with KitKat. Some features are not working. I am working to work on these issues.

1. Reflow function is lost for some CHM files. So you have to scroll left / right to see the pages. With the latest upgrade to 4.4.3, Google seems to have partially fixed this problem. So some reflux of the file works again but not all.

2. Set the zoom level function is not working properly, so if you change the zoom level, when you go to another page, the zoom level will be set again. After upgrading to 4.4.3, it seems that Google is trying to fix the problem. So now the zoom level remains. But I see a new problem, for some files, once zoomed in, you can’t “clear” history from the beginning to the original level, that’s all.


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