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How to Loot – Pin Pull & Hero Rescue download

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How to Loot – Pin Pull & Hero Rescue download

How to play the rescue game – Pin the rescue and you have to solve the puzzles that reach the brain to pull out the pins, destroy knights, destroy monsters, save the princess and find the treasure.


Beauty and countless treasures await. Let’s play now!


In this pin lock game, you have to go through tough challenges like: pulling the pin to save the man, pulling the pin to get the treasure, and saving the princess. So you have to use your wits to pull the pins logically.


When you pull the pin to save mankind in the pin lock game, you will take the treasure, hide around the terrible monsters, be careful, and be careful before pulling the pin to avoid ugly monsters. Do the math


How To Play

Escape from pulling the pin, very easy! Use your mind to draw pins to destroy monsters then princess and treasure spawn.

When you pull the pin to save mankind, choose the treasure that you should be careful about and use your mentality to pull the pin to avoid the monsters, if you take the wrong pin command. You can lose a lot, so you don’t take on personal matters.

You reach the state treasury and become the richest and most generous knight


The gameplay of this pin lock game is very simple, but to win, you need to have an intelligent, active and logical mind to learn how to avoid monsters and draw pins to get valuable treasures.


Main characteristics:

Free to try saving pin without worrying about fury, apart from the main game mode, there are up to 4 other game modes:

Combat Mode: Knights have to fight endlessly with monsters

Tre-Treasure Mode: You don’t have to worry about trapping or fighting enemies, all you have to do is get as much treasure as possible.

– Tower Mode: Do you know wood painting games? Pull the wood skillfully until the treasure comes to you from the top of the Wooden Tower

– Chest Position: Like tower placement, you also have to be smart to draw wood so the enemy falls under the lava or spikes.

Choose your rider and start your journey

Enjoy saving the princess and collecting treasure.

Ont company is constantly updating new more difficult, interesting and challenging levels.

Eye-catching Yeh graphics, smooth effect, easy to play anywhere.

More than 500 very interesting challenges

Choose your night and start your journey

Record IQ score query system


Sounds interesting, right? Everyone has downloaded it, so why not download our Pin Lock game – how to loot now?


How to download an interesting and swag game – the most popular pin rescue game today to participate in conquering exciting challenges

Share your experience playing this puzzle game, we will listen and improve it every day.


Hope you enjoy and solve brain-damaging puzzles in Loot Doo method.

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