How to install and use Qeemat punjab app

By | January 17, 2020

How to install and use Qeemat punjab app 

Finally, it is good news for consumers in Punjab as the government has decided to use technology to control food consumption and consumption in the province. The government has launched a mobile phone application to check daily commodity prices.

The Sialkot district administration has launched an application called “Sialkot Revival” in consultation with the Prime Minister’s Youth Affairs Adviser.

This raises consumer prices of household items, such as vegetables, fruits and foods, quoted daily by states.

Customers can complain against any shop / shop that sells bad products or prices. It also allows consumers to complain about purchases.

Deputy Commissioner Sialkot has set up a special monitoring unit to handle daily complaints.

The district administration also issued a notice in this regard, asking all customer / shop owners to abide by the order, as the app also makes it easy to monitor compliance.

According to DAR, the app has successfully completed a month of beta testing in the city and will soon be launched in other cities in Punjab.

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