How to earn Bitcoin without investment

By | March 8, 2020

Do you want to have free bitcoins?

There are many ways to get it.
We will take a quick tour of the different techniques to win them for free. But before that, I have to remind you a little bit about the history of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. Since its creation in 2008 Bitcoin has reached new heights, reaching 20,000 dollars in sales prices! Originally, it was possible to earn dozens of bitcoins by performing small tasks and participating in faucets … Since the soaring prices, the means to earn bitcoins have been multiplied. However, the rewards have moved in the opposite direction. You can still earn bitcoins for free but only small amounts (a few satoshis).

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In this articles you will find different ways to earn some bitcoins.

CryptoTab – Mining while browsing the internet

With CryptoTab you can mine when you browse the internet by installing a module. You can also download the CryptoTab browser to increase the mining speed.

Download CryptoTab

Brave – Earn cryptos while surfing the web

Brave pays you in BAT tokens to thank you for using their browser to surf the internet. You can then use your earned BAT to support your favorite content creators if their sites, YouTube channels or Twitter account are part of the program. For information we are part of it 😛

Try Brave!

Answering questions to earn cryptos

With Coinbase Earn, it is now possible to earn several tens of euros in cryptos by following training courses and answering questions.
Go to Coinbase, then click Earn crypto up to $ 130:

Play and earn bitcoins

Satoshi Quiz – Your culture pays off

Users earn bitcoins by correctly answering questions in different categories. To win you must be in the first 3 to give the correct answer. The 1st earns more than the 2nd who earns more than the 3rd. There are many categories ranging from movies to brands, there is something for everyone. Generally the gain is 100 statoshis per question.

Visit the site

The Blockchain Game – A challenging and addictive game

The goal is to succeed in creating the longest possible block oak. The game contains a lot of advertising because it is free and allows you to earn bitcoins. The higher you reach, the higher the reward!

Download the iOS application Download the Android application

Play dice

Different platforms offer free and paid games on which it is possible to earn some bitcoins. This is the case of PrimeDice and 999Dice for example. Depending on your jurisdiction you can play and withdraw money you have won for free. These platforms also offer other paid games.

Visit Primedice Visit 999Dice

Earn bitcoins with faucets

What is a Faucet? A faucet (or tap in French) is a system that rewards users in return for accomplishing a task, such as a click for example …

There are faucets with a very good reputation who pay their users.
In the early days of Bitcoin, it was possible to earn multiple bitcoins per share. Today, with the soaring price of Bitcoin, you will only earn a few satoshis (that is to say a few millionths of bitcoins).


You can earn bitcoins by filling in a captcha every hour. You will win a few dozen or hundreds of satoshis as well as tickets for lotteries and loyalty points. Your earnings will vary depending on the number that will be allocated to you. The higher the number, the more you earn bitcoins!

Download app
You can then try to make your satoshis grow by playing the different games offered: a kind of roulette, lottery, betting …

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