How to earn bitcoin litcoin Ethereum without investment

By | July 16, 2019

Take Bactiko during playing this game!

Looks like you’re a big word? Press yourself and on the cypriotver.

For a word it is a different aspect of the game system in search of the word. We’ve added a magic description above the corner so you can find and learn new words as you call new words. Upgrade your spelling!

Making Money

– Before you play, sign in to the main corner of the sign-in box box and submit your Conbase email. We will send you satisfaction when writing.
You win more in the game and you can get every three days.
145 page news arguments and access 1.

How to Play – –

Take a letter to translate a letter to create or translate.
You can connect around this page, horizontally and / or dragons around. Search and brick bricks.
Write a letter.
– You have to face many words
(Merp: Category = Row * * Off * 5)
3 letter = 45
4 letter = 80

10 letters = 500 words

20 pages = 2000

When you complete a small number of additional numbers, you will get another great quality.

(Formula: Bonus = 2000 – Building Buildings * Building Buildings * 20)
10 left = 0
9 remaining = 380
8 Kurubo = 720

All blocks = 2000 cleared

– Each search level is included in the general health level: A. (n ^ 2).

In addition, different types of text give you more tips:
Green – 5 points
Dukuk – 10 nine
Yellow – 15 points
Blue – 20 pages
Purple – 25 pages.

They just add a letter to their school for school.

When you are worried, you have a problem, try changing the letter (and color) in a new Psing the changed cgoins.

Download app

If you are in, your section will be sent to the President of the Sports Center. Try to hit the whole players around the world to get the best teams!

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