How to create full / long video as WhatsApp?

By | January 8, 2021
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How to create full / long video as WhatsApp?

You can add cabins, photos, videos, GIFs as WhatsApp so that your colleagues know what’s happening to you, which is great because you can bring your colleagues closer to your life. ۔

However, WhatsApp statuses restrict the size and duration of videos. How to ignore breaks for uploading long or full videos as WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Status Video Size and Length Range:

On the WhatsApp, you can’t send videos longer than 16MB, which is usually 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. However, the video that you can transfer to WhatsApp status is very short and concise, this is the video that you have submitted to WhatsApp status, it should not exceed 30 seconds.

Cut video for WhatsApp status:

You can do this without request. Just transfer your long video like WhatsApp, you will have a white slider for which you will select a 30 second cut of long video. Choose 30 seconds of your long video. Reshare the entire video until you have the WhatsApp status.

How to compose full / long video as WhatsApp status?

However, WhatsApp cannot provide your long videos indiscriminately. You may need to cut your video into some cumbersome sections. To avoid this, you can physically hack the status of WhatsApp by downloading Video Shaper.

How to create full / long video on WhatsApp status?

If you don’t want to share long videos as WhatsApp and the video length limit really needs an answer, you can use the WA settings, which are to cross the WhatsApp limit, p. ۔ For example, the WhatsApp status limit is 30 seconds. A similar application allows you to change the theme of WhatsApp, send images with full purpose, etc.

WhatsApp is a utility device that allows you to split 30+ second stories into 29 other video segments and share them all together.

Inserting long video stats on WhatsApp is very easy in light of the fact that you don’t have to physically delete them, WhatsApp will do this for you in a moment and offer it on WhatsApp. Will

To distribute video:

Select the video you want to share as WhatsApp.

Select the video’s timeframe with the range search bar below the video.

Click on ‘Crop and Share‘ cache on WhatsApp

Download app

Simply put, the WhatsApp tool will split video into segments and allow selected videos to be shared on WhatsApp as statuses.

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