Hide Screen app

By | April 3, 2019

Hide Screen app
Screen screen is a simple and easy tool

Screen (Earpiece)
Protect Your Battery
Double tape
Hide screen
Privacy screen
Mobile privacy screen
Privacy screen saver
Privacy screen for Android
Screen privacy
Screen block
Screen slope
Phone privacy screen
Black screen
Whèn yoû nèed”hidden screen” or “screen saver”
Saves the screen to play or download games in AutoPlay mode.
Hide the screen from someone else
Hide screen
Double tape screen online and off
Hide your cell phone
Screen guard privacy screen
Third eye
More information
Help keep the display at no glow
Hide the screen while playing a video or playing games.
The screen from the screen hides the screen and shoots the screen on the on / screen of screen
Double-screen the screen
+ Double click on screen only works on the home screen and listening screen
With screen guard, hide your screen from tears. The screen protects your privacy by implementing the ground-screen filter, which makes it difficult for you to read the screen while reading an email, write a smile or use the browser.
More informative application
In addition to having a privacy screen, it protects your battery.
*To cover your privacy, cover your screen with black
* Customizable for maximum performance and battery life
** Please donate the document (with more features!

** To delete the program, go to the parameter page and press “Remove device manager”
A touch to close and lock the screen.
Hardware power buttons are not well prepared on some devices. Regular use of power to switch / off can harm it. We provide program keys to change and enhance our lives.
Screen off and Lock, support over 2 million users and more than 30 languages, has no.1 displayed on the Google Play Store.

If the app is reinstalled for the inactive screen, follow the procedure below:
Android 4.x: “Adjustment> Developer Options> Switch Animation” and select 1x for this option.
Thîs àpp usé the permission of the administrator.

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