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By | December 1, 2019

Hide description of chat name

We depend on and talk about pretty much everywhere: bus stops, buses, trains, classrooms, homes, offices and more.

Hide Conversation Name is a program that instantly hides the name, passport photo that you talk with a single click.

We care about your privacy. Your privacy issue to us.

Features of our app:
* Now you can add a fake name, give a fake profile picture, show a fake status.
* Grab your screen now with a single touch of a floating icon.
* You can give a fake name to another person and people around you think you are talking to someone.
* Live chat features with our app developer.
* Move the icon where possible and easy for you.

Rate and support.

You can now speak to our developer directly for questions or suggestions.

Hide chat name update 2.1


* Now you can use FB and Insta modes.
* False lock screen available.

* Fixed version for bug fix repair.
* The green icon only appears in the chat app.

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* The app is available in English, German and Arabic.

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