Goonj: Live TV, News & PTV Sports

By | March 11, 2019

Guunj offers live TV, news and cricket for all tylyynur networks that offer all major video streaming AP Pakistan, Jazz, Zong, Ufone and any WiFi connection

What video content is available?


• All-day Special Program (Political Dialogue, Social Issues, Comedy Exhibitions)

• Latest news clips from channel channels in Pakistan

• Virtual videos from around the world

• All Pakistani cricket matches with PTTV Support Light Streaming

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What are our best qualities?

• Play mode: Plays a video or video description in video transfer mode.

• Feed: Browsing videos in news channel style news.

• Share: Share videos with friends!

• Change Video Quality: Auto / Data Saving / Medium / HD

• Personal Source: According to your favorite channels, analytical and trending themes.

Updated News: 24/7 Latest Video Updates from Minutes to Minutes!

LIVE TV Channels at Guantánamo:

Game 🏏
• PTV game

News 🌐
• Express messages
Samma TV
• News
• Al Jazeera
• Dawn News
• Public news
• News
• News One
• TV One
• Capital TV
• Abby Talk
Channel 5

Entertainment 🎭
• Ptv Home
• Express entertainment
• Have fun
• One plus
• Explanation Fun
• Our son

Music 旋
• 8xm
• Aero Musa

TV Live
• Medina TV Live
• Midnight Channel

Cooking 🍽
Spice TV

• Your channel
• Khyber TV
• Khyber News
• Animal One

And soon!

List of programs on Résumanes:

The political dialogue shows
Good morning
• In the foreground
• BBC News Urdu
• Keith Kamran Khan
Think tank
• Voice message
• Viewer
• News
See 360
• Rate

Funny show 😂
Murtaza noc
• Political theater
• Hasb E. Hull
• Vertical

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Social issues 👁
• Event
• Birthday

And soon!

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