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By | March 28, 2019

Systweak Setup Double is searching and removing duplicate files that explore and remove all duplicate files from your Android device. This Duplicated Media Cleaner will help you keep the storage on your device so that you can store more information or download other games without warning warnings.
Duplicate Files Fixer is the perfect tool for searching and deleting one-click if you want to delete all the multimedia files that you do not know in the size of your file.

This tool can scan sound, video, photos and files individually or throughout scanning. After you start, you can select, remove or remove all media files directly from any part of your device. In addition, if you are not sure what you want to delete, you can see the quick view.

Connect your laptop to your device via a duplicate file and keep a free file for free with normal research. Just one-click do everything you need to remove unwanted files on your device.

You can select or choose the type of file that you want to have a full search mode, to find and remove duplicate files in your internal and internal memory.

How to create duplicate files?

When you get an image, audio / visual images and connect files as well as other programs. In this case, many copies have been created.
When the file is downloaded two-times online.
● When the Android Backup application saves your device.
When Android-media programs create preview images or thumbnails.
Receive multiple times with Bluetooth (due to transmission errors)

There are several cases in which duplicate files have been created and do not require your Android device. However, do not worry, this cleansing will not only allow you to delete these files, but also allow them to view and delete the previous page.

Why do you want to copy the file?

● UI interface: the interface is 100% easy to use. The two-dimensional aspect The classic interface helps users with a nice interface. The two interfaces differ. For those who want to keep things simple and straightforward. If you want to mix something, the way to go to the skin of the material. This theme shows the most expensive results and experimental drawings. You can use this duplicate search engine to apply the look. You will also love the color combination.

● Fast scanners: Scanning of printed files can be done with lightning. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, duplicates can be scanned after seconds!

● Preview files: make sure to remove the preview of the duplicates before deleting. Duplicate Files Fixer provides accurate and comprehensive information on duplicate files. In addition, the leather material has tagged even. And yes, you can see duplicates in these results.

● Exclude photocopy: You can remove folders from your search for duplicated files.

● Search any file type: For duplicated files, you can scan media files, videos, images and files. See it once, the type you chose or everyone!

● Multilingual support: This duplicate file can support up to 14 languages, including German, French, Japanese and more.

Marking of choice: This clean program allows you to register four options: “All registries except for all”, “Mark the last exception”, “Mark all marks” and “Remove short changes”. Now you can not repeat it. Just select one of these options and go!
Double copy: Double photo is rating of all. These programs are listed in the App Store category. For more information on your developer / developer, visit the website of Evertherm Apps LLC. Copy duplicate files: Get duplicate files and download them to Android devices that support up to 15 or more. Download the software using your favorite browser and upload it to download. Remember that it provides native and clean apk files and provides quicker upload speeds for deleting duplicate files

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