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By | April 2, 2019

CrookCatcher can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can undo it!
CrookCatcher hides behind your lockscreen and takes a picture of someone you see in front of someone who tries to lock your phone with the wrong code.
This software is designed to protect your privacy from others’ interference. An experienced hacker is not a secret to entering the camera and can take personal privacy into account.
On this occasion you will not be able to make the most interesting pictures for yourself in the future. This application is only available to prevent external interference, including accessing your external camera.
CrookCatcher sends your thief’s look and email to your device’s current GPS location.
Not only millions of consumers, but also FBI Tape security experts on the web site of the company’s founder and their devices.
Good Reason: Spying on Everything and Everything! From June 2013, we know that the first NSA documents were found by cheap Snowden. Since then, rapidly emerging threats have emerged.
But the hacker hacker did not find a solution to deceive the webcam without user warning alerts, but the ultimate spyware is very dangerous because it controls the integrated webcam control.
When your phone is stolen or your partner / partner is just snoopy, you always know that you have a feedback with CrookCatcher!
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• Take pictures with the secret code when you try to unlock your phone with the wrong code.
• Sends email, GPS support, accuracy, estimated Socket Address, Maps, and Google Device Manager email, where you can watch 24/7 the location of your device.
• wórk with passwōrd pin code and pattern lock.
Combined map and image view to view photos inside the App.
• Of course, it’s completely silent and secret (switch off notifications in settings).
• No battery groove – Cruk Cottage works only when the wrong code is set.
• Select the number of unauthorized attempts before taking a photo
• Compatible GPS settings (time and desired accuracy)
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