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By | March 12, 2019

How to get it
After downloading CoinPade, you must create an account. You can now access your account with CoinPade.
CoinPade will let you know when it’s over. When you press the button you will get some frames.

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We do not have personal information for any user we want.

  • You must use your own Bitquin address to extract so you can send your Bitquin credits to your Real Bitquin account. You must confirm your privacy policy to take action.
  • You need to be online to use this software.
  • The logs of those who attempted frauds related to our intentions. This cases, they’re can not claims any rights

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Important note:
If you disrupt a program by any means, your account will be terminated in CoinPade, and the existing box will be reset.

You are responsible for all national and national laws and regulations that you download and use with CoinPade.

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