Candy Crush Saga

By | March 11, 2019

In the spring the Candy Crush Saga has grown, change the colorful sweets with each egg to match the game!

Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – select millions of players worldwide.

With trillion levels played, this sweet game is one of the 3 most popular puzzle games ever!

Change the sweets of this toy puzzle adventure to the next level, in order to enjoy a pleasing delight. Quick thinking and smart movements combine sweet and sunny gooseberry rainbow sunsets!

Arrange the movement in a row by mixing 3 more or more caramels, using extra booster to cover extra extra layers! You want to break chocolate and add more ingredients to ensure more craving!

Take the delicious delicious Match 3 only play with saga or friends! Candy Crush Saga is absolutely free, but some optional games will require payment.

Candy Crush Saga Features:
● Fun ways to play: Target score, clean jelly, collect ingredients and order some way!
● Check to get tasty free daily prizes for a limited time to take part in a challenge to help make money boosters!
● Collect the sugar dosage with Sugar Track with great surprises!
● Daily booster wheel for a tasty throw
● Make a pleasant atmosphere without damaging and enjoying the lyrics
● Use candy candy, wrapped and striped special caramels, colored bombs and many other magazines to rival rigid levels.
● Thousands of levels and puzzles have been added to the Candy Battery and more than 2 times a week, your sugar repairs are never far away!
● Instructions for watching your friends and competitors.
● It is very easy to unlock all game features with devices and connect to the Internet

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