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By | March 11, 2019

BIGO LIVE is a BIGO LIVE Lite version of the pocket. It’s smaller, but their favorite features are still available so you can enjoy watching live videos without delay.

BIGO LIVE is a social tool that allows them to connect with people via live video. This app is based on sharing live streams, which you can share with one click. Follow hundreds of people and channels and find new opportunities.
Bigo Live App lets you run your live stream anytime and anywhere. Not everyone can view live conversations made by other users. Here’s how to download and join the ultimate win. H to collect a peat reward without spending money.

Opening the app allows you to list the people that are playing. Browse your favorite users and stay alive. You can find all the content in each channel. From people who use this place to share their lives with others who will advise on different aspects of life. Get the best fashion tip or the latest sports news.

Anyone watching videos can get involved so you can share your ideas with chat and other people as well as the people you’re playing. Save your favorite field and delete your interesting videos.
Download and use low storage
Save Data:
Only significant video tapes will be evaluated, and mobile data will be saved.

[Basic Features]
Free Live Streaming

  • From pop music and hot show to everyday life, BIGO LIVE Lite shows you an unfinished video.
  • You can broadcast live streams easily across the country. Information from talented TV companies from more than 100 countries is gathered in BIGO LIVE LITE.

PK Live is the most exciting time stream, not only live on the television screen, but also with the audience. Come and enjoy Comedy PK.

Real gifts

  • There are different types of real gifts including roses, rings, angels, big cars, toilets tours, dreams of dreams and more.
  • You can buy some gifts to support your favorite VJs as they move to let them know. Also, you can speed up equity by depositing money online.

If you want to live video or video chat with others, play mini games, BIGO. On BIGO download and drop the full version of BIGO LIVE.

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