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By | January 10, 2021
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best free music app for all your free music needs
Free 15 day trial with Baja Pro
Library 100,000+ song libraries
Best free high quality music
◉ Best free music search engine and recommendations
a Listen to custom playlists or create your own
* Language, temperament and style preferences
Enjoy the best free music in your favorite white or dark theme
Follow your favorite artists
your offline Listen to your favorite songs
Find your favorite song, artist or album.

More description

Find the best free music with sound
An application in which you will be happy with our free Pakistan, Bollywood and unlimited collection of Western music. You can browse all the famous artists, albums and solo songs.
Browse the latest free music, listen to your favorite artists, create your own playlists or listen to expertly crafted playlists, you can enjoy online radio for any category or artist.
100,000+ best free audio and video music tracks
The application contains over 100,000 free audio and video music tracks for your entertainment. Nurture your soul with your favorite free music and enjoy the best free music non-stop. Wherever you go, you will have your best free music and playlists.
Add fun to your best free music collection of 100,000+ audio and video tracks with Bajaj. Here you will find a large collection of the most popular free local music. In the app we cover content in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Seraiki, Balochi, Pashto which is in our list.
High quality free music streaming
Get started with just the best free streaming music app. Deprivation is what every free music lover wants. The Bajau application offers excellent transmission without network and other issues. Your Bajo app gives you streaming and you can enjoy the best free music anywhere.

Listen to custom playlists or create your own
Now create and manage your playlists with Bajo. Create multiple playlists with thousands of tracks so you can play them one by one or in random mode. You can also find and play multiple playlists to improve your mood and energy. You can also organize your playlists and your songs for different moods or events.
Add to favorites
Add the best free music to your favorites list. Currently you can play the best music for free from your list of options and you don’t need to create a playlist. Adding your favorite tracks to the Safe List is a default option so you can listen to them whenever you want with one click.

The best music radio

If you’re in the mood to listen to mixed free best music, turn on the radio. The Bajwa application allows you to broadcast on popular radio stations. You can also broadcast on local multilingual radio stations.

Follow your favorite artists

Follow your favorite artists, find new and better music, and get instant notifications when new content is uploaded. You can also follow your friends through this app and tell them how to share something new. You can listen to any song, artist, album or playlist with your friends.
Choose the language and style of your choice
Enjoy a variety of favorite tracks based on categories, specific song genres, or the best free music, such as rock, pop, classic, folk, and more. Choosing a category is the best option when you want to listen to the best free music of the same language and theme.

Best free music search engine and recommendations

Browse the entire Bajau collection and listen to the best free music by searching for artists, albums or tracks. You can find the best music for free to discover new genres and artists.

Humorous choice

Continue the series of selected and suggested songs based on series mode, genre or event. Find the best free unlimited music from jazz, rock, pop, classic, folk and many more genres. Choose your mode to see the best music collection.

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