Audio manager hide app, video, Audio, app download

By | April 4, 2019

Audio manager hide app, video, Audio, app download
Photos gallery and images hide photos and easy to use secret PIN codes. Now you can easily share your phone without worry about privacy.
About App
The app can select Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Script, SMS, SMS, Contact, Gmail, Settings, Calling and any application.

Disable access to prohibited access and protection. Ensure your security
LAppLock can hide pictures and videos. Hidden images and videos have been removed from the gallery and only appear on the photo and video.
Easily save special memories. There is no pin
LAppLock is a random keyboard and hidden template. People who are not so upset can see pin or illustration. Protect!
Check out your parent’s snapshot, music.
Do not worry about losing your friends to play your phone through data!
The worker is worried about seeing your phone again!
Do not worry about reading your personal information in your application!
Do not give information about children, send wrong messages and pay again!
App broken as an “audio manager” app on app scroll.

It hides itself as an audio administrator program, which can be used to change and down the sounds. But if you have a long strain on the audio audio capture, then it’s crazy photos, videos, messages, applications and more.
Hiddenhidden hidden pro will start hidden hidden.
❙ You can hide photos, videos or other files in personal volt
1.) Fully functional audio manager (hidden request available from other mask as a calculator etc.)
2.) Separate the media in the selected folders you selected
3. Store your nuclear weapons
4.) Recent application list app can not be viewed hidden
5.) Integrated Slideshow and WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc. Gallery with split
6. Integrate Video Player with VLC Player, MPlayerX, etc. Support
7. Multiple screen options – pin, password, scheme
8) Open finger marks
9. Avoid passwords / passwords when you are captured
10. Encrypted to provide your most important files
11. Other features like hidden chat, private messages / calling, private networking, server programs.
12.) Hide phone application icon
App license uses administrators
To ensure advanced protection, change the app as “separate administrator”. Used to prevent them using AppLock, to eliminate it.

The app uses the access service.
Allow access to services to enable mode. The service is only used by disabled users to lock programs and reduce the use of battery.
Make sure the apps will not use these permissions to access your personal information.
More amazing application
and so on.
Customize, packing, sharing, displaying, albums, sorting of files and folders between your favorites and more.
There are more information on data.
Professional printing is more than just a photocopying software, a complete security package that gives you the power to keep your data safe.

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