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By | February 5, 2020

You can quickly reach people in your contacts by sending free messages or SMS (except As2in1) using personal or group chats or transmission messages.
This is a fun feature because you can send multimedia messages with others: photos, stickers, videos, voice, location and contacts.

The best balance services:

Hong Kong:
Reload your As2in1 balance app with physical vaults available at Plasgrap, local Indonesian stores, or Circle stores.

Please recharge your balance of the As2in1 application using an electrical control from Indonesia

Other countries:
Reload your balance of As2in1 app via PayPal everywhere

Balance Transfer Services:
Another benefit of As2in1 is the balance transfer to other operators in Bell2 As2in1, Carto As2in1 and Indonesia.

Value-added services:

Buy prepaid coupons from Indonesia Power Company (PLN)
Last rupee rate in BNI and temple
Subscribe to Wi-Fi in Hong Kong
As2in1 credit balance
Join Ringtone Caller Volume (RBT) Stores

Enjoy video, shopping, TV / live streaming, and other popular entertainment channels such as Widow, Bola, Lipotan 6, Bantang and Blanja.

Download the app

Voice and SMS packages:
Subscribe to SMS for Indonesia Call IDD with Business Package and Special Benefits!

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