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By | November 27, 2019

Try the new Anonymous SMS app by the founder of Antiphone with the Anonymous Chat Room app.

Send your friends around the world for anonymous SMS.
How many times have you thought about asking your friends about something they didn’t know? For example:
– Do you love girls?
“You’re in a relationship.”
“I saw you cheating”
and so on

Legal solution
Unfortunately, there are basically no tools for sending illegal SMS messages, but there are different approaches we take.
2) We purchase a unique British phone number at your expense
1) This number is your personal virtual phone number
)) With this other phone you can send and receive SMS messages Don’t worry about revealing your personal information
)) If your friends reply to your new British number, you will get all the messages in the app.
)) If you decide to install the program, you can reset your second phone number via email

Not Good

it’s free.
Each new user gets 1,000,000 (four thousand Karma) for free, which makes them free.
– Another phone number for one month
– Send and receive up to 5 anonymous sms

Download app

If you would like to get up, contact customer service.

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