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By | March 11, 2019

Join trustworthy, trusted and millions of people using Adobe Photoshop Express, the best editor’s photo photo and editor for Android for fast, easy and manually editing.

Sort the picture

  • Base: cutting, stretching, drawing and skipping your photos. Take the red eyes and eyes of animals.
  • Automatic repairs: the same situation to appear white, tonight, and balance.
  • Debris removal: It is easy to use users to remove dust and dirt from your pictures.
  • Reconciliation: instantaneous microphones, images or pictures immediately with slides, clarity, appearance, vitality, beings, black, white people dimming dimming, saturation and vibration.
  • syring or form: New smart any way converting image into artwork – Choose from over 80 Stylish and funny comedies. You can control the intensity of your appearance for the effects of a realistic picture.
  • Animated images: Easy to use current text or graphic display side.
  • Create: Create and save your own topic.
  • PhotoFrame: Personalize your photo with more than 15 frames and frames. For homosexual appearance, match the color of the frame with the color of the image.
  • Original design support: Illustrated and edited in the original format.
  • Share: Everything you like is easy to share with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Reinstate Image: Use this option to resize images before preserving them.
  • JPEG product results – Evaluate the quality and size of the product image.


  • Create scenes of images in seconds with image network feature.
  • Choose from multiple networks.
  • Choose a picture in the format and decide what you want with the editorial editor.
  • Press Slaod and drop to move the place on the image to move or drag or drop the text in the next screen.
  • Add new or other pictures with simple choice.
  • Organize / design and add a topic.
  • Changing the thickness and boundary color.
  • Printing directly from the application

AWESOME characters

  • Communicate or format on filing: Find extra fun ringtones, beautifully!
  • Reduce dimensions: unwantedly unsolicited with grain and slippery vision night and low light.
    Defog: Reduce fog and fog in pictures.
  • Add the ideas – change the pictures with negative scenes, just click! Choose from full option (fair or full), straight or flat. – Access special features when you sign up with an Adobe password:
  • Find these features when you sign up with Adobe Flash

When you are doing with the photographer or photo frame, you share your work directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or do not prefer a social network!

Do you want to do more with your pictures? Explore other mobile apps Adobe Photoshop:

  • Photoshop Mix – Cut and combine elements of different shapes, fillings and install on your device – wherever you are.
  • Photoshop Fix – the best to handle weight loss and adjust the overall image – and then easily share it on the Creative desktop and other mobile phones.
  • Handy lightroom – Shoot, edit, share and share images from your smartphone or tabbed phone.

Photoshop Express supports the following file formats:

  • Photograph: JPG, PNG
  • File: arw (Sony), cr2 (Canan), crw (Canan), dng, erf (EPSON), RAF (Fuji), 3f & fff (HASSELBLAD), dcr (Kodak), mrw (KONICA), MOS (Leaf ), rwl (LEICA), Nef & nrw (nika), orf (Olympus), rw2 (PANASONIC), pef (Pentax), srw (Samsung)
  • Although we hope to support raw materials from the latest camera model on most of the cameras, we can not guarantee the help of the raw world.

Photoshop Express, which provides Adobe, is proud to create Photoshop Creative Photoshop Power, giving you flexibility and control access your pictures anywhere, using Adobe Creative Cloud.

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